So I got this idea because of my coworker Laura’s blog. She luckily has a webcam on her iMac. I still am running a tower so I don’t have that luxury. Every day she takes a “photo of the day” and at the end of every months she makes a grid of all her photos of the day. My other coworker Sara did a video of the day all last year! I got inspired by this and decided I needed to make a grid. Since I don’t take daily pics I decided instead to use photos from my favorite app, Instagram! I use it at least every other day. I love adding filters to my images.

I first downloaded Instagram in June 2011. Since then I have been a picture machine. I made a grid of all my favorite photos since I started sharing pics. I decided that from now on I will make a grid of all my photos from the past month.

From the 120 pictures I used I noticed a few trends:
1. I take a lot of pictures of beer or me drinking beer aka I am an alcoholic
2. There are a lot of pictures of food. Which I love so understandable haha
3. I take the most pictures in the summertime
4. I have a lot of pictures with my awesome friends and family :)

Enjoy! If you click on it the image should come up larger so you can actually see the photos better.


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