Birthday Surprise

When most people talk about where they work they usually talk about the deadlines, office policies and such. I just talk about how amazing my office is.

I started about 6 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long! It was my college post-graduation internship turned into full time job. I didn’t start technically in my department, but I did art stuff as soon as I started. About a year later they decided to expand the art department and I became it’s second full time member. After about another year they decided to give us more responsibility and add more members. Luckily my boos has good sense and hired the two most amazing coworkers anyone could ask for.

We all started in cubeland and at first didn’t talk all that much (it’s very quiet over there). But our office underwent renovations and we “designed” our little section of heaven. We were all moved to the other end of the office. Mike, the art director, got the office. Laura and Sara got connecting cubes facing each other and I was able to design a corner cube. Think ultimate privacy :)

Since then it has been the best work experience ever. We turn off the horrible overhead flourescent lights and have soothing desk lamps. We also use office iChat which is the greatest ever. We can send each other pretty much anything. We talk all day without actually “talking” haha. My job would suck without my two art girls!

Today is FRIDAY! Not only is it the greatest day of the week it is also the day before my 28th birthday. My art girls set up an awesome array of surprises for me today and I was so touched. They made my cube look awesome (so everyone else will be jealous) and I got some great gifts.

They know me so well haha. I am already wearing the watch and scarf and I am definitely wearing those straw glasses. They even got my Aflac duck in on the fun. To top it all off our office likes to find any reason to have a party and today is the Super Bowl party! That means we pretty much end work around noon and drink/eat/bullshit all day. This will be followed by a massage at Massage Envy. Today is going to be such a great day. I can’t wait for the rest of my birthday festivities this weekend!

Have a great weekend!


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