Throwback Thursday – Birthdays!

So for my newest edition (and my first) of throw back thursday I decided to celebrate my birthday! Seeing as it is this saturday it was the obvious choice. Now being a twin I have always had to share my birthday (sharing is caring) and so I wanted to share with you memories from birthdays past. Sadly being born in February means my parents had to do a lot of creative (inside) party ideas. A few years they were almost thwarted by snow storms but my parents always came through :)

Starting with our first and second birthday. Mickey themed even at that age <3

After that were the toddler years with preschool home parties and (yes) monogrammed clothing.

The following years were spent at our favorite restaurant at the time GROUND ROUND. If you were never at the Ground Round (which has sadly closed) it was the best. There were clowns and popcorn machines I mean who doesn’t love that!

Once we started actual school we knew we had to step it up. Luckily there was a bowling alley right down the street. I wish I could still play with bumpers.

As we got older we wanted to have more inventive birthdays. My mother (the wonderful idea maker) decided to rent out hotel rooms so we could have a sleepover with our friends AND go swimming in the indoor pool. Every year of hotel birthdays there were snow storms BUT my amazing father always courageously went and picked all the girls up so we could have our party.

When we changed schools around 5th grade we started doing more low key parties. Movies with friends or classroom birthday celebrations.

High school was no exception. Our 16th birthday (though some have all out bashes) was an awesome surprise party at our house thrown by our friends. We also did the movies and other adventures.

College was when the alcohol started becoming involved in birthdays. The first year we had a dorm room party, followed by a frat house I suppose.

Our 21st birthday was memorable but not many people could celebrate with us. Having an early year birthday means we were one of the first in our group of friends to turn 21. Luckily we did have some friends that could go out with us. Cheryl at the end of the night was a sight haha I will leave it at that.

My favorite birthday of all time was our 22nd birthday. Almost all our friends were 21 (and the ones that weren’t had fake IDs at the time) so everyone could celebrate with us. We had a theme party 80s! It was epic. We had friends dressed like Flashdance (full bathing suits and leggings), friends in multi-colored track suits, the list goes on and on.

Our 23rd birthday we were living back at home in NJ. We went back up to school to go out and brought our friends from home with us.

On our 24th birthday Cheryl and I tried to start a new tradition. After years of “planning” birthdays we were over the hoopla. We decided to do something small for our birthday and instead do something fun with just the two of us on our actual birthday. Even if that meant we had to take off work. The first year we decided to go into New York City on the weekend with our friends. On our birthday we headed back to New York to do all the things we have never done. Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Natural History Museum and a new restaurant.

The following year we had started an Atlantic City kick with a bunch of our friends. We had been going every few weekends throughout the year so we decided to head to Atlantic City on the weekend to co-celebrate with our friend Karen. On our birthday we shipped up to Boston! We had never been there before so we did all the touristy stuff (including a walking tour in the freezing cold). I must say I would love to go back in warmer weather.

Our 26th birthday did not work out as planned. Our original plan was to drive to Punxsutawney to see the famous Phil (since our birthday is Groundhogs Day). Sadly there was an ice storm that night and most of route 80 was closed so we had to ditch that idea. The next day work was closed because of the ice everywhere. Once the rail lines started running again we headed to Hoboken to visit Carlo’s Bakery home of the famous Cake Boss. We got some pastries and had lunch at a sushi restaurant then headed home. We also did a dinner with our parents and with some of our best friends the next few nights.

Which brings us to last year. My Uncle and his family live in Wisconsin. We have been visiting every year since we graduated college (and could afford it). Every year my Uncle talks about ice fishing. He has gone a few times with my cousins but we finally said that we would come ice fishing. What better time when our birthday is in February! It was actually one of the warmest winter on record. The lakes still froze but not as deep as they usually do so we could only go to certain areas. It was a blast. After we got back we spent the next day in Chicago with my other cousin. I love spending time with family.

And that brings us to this year. Saturday will be my 28th birthday. I really am getting so old! Our plan is to go out with our NJ friends friday in Hoboken somewhere and Saturday head to Philadelphia to go out with our friends there. It should be a good time. I am not as young and crazy as I once was but as long as I can spend time with friends it will be a great birthday!


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