The Military Diet – Part 2

So the 3 day military diet is over and I have to say it was…disappointing.

The diet itself was pretty bland in the foods you had to eat, but the promise of loosing up to 10 pounds was what intrigued me. They said on the website not to weigh yourself until after the 3 days because you might get discouraged in between. I did weigh myself everyday just because it’s a habit. After day 2 though I knew I wasn’t going to get the results most people got.

After 3 days of the diet and exercising one of the 3 days I only lost 3 pounds. Cheryl who exercised everyday only lost 2.2 pounds. I have to say that most weeks if I stick to my Weight Watcher points and exercise I can get the same results or even better sometimes. After re-reading the website again Cheryl and I are thinking we might have done a few things wrong. First we are used to eating fat free or low fat foods. So when it said eat cottage cheese or cheddar cheese or ice cream we automatically got the low fat or fat free versions of these things. Thinking about it I think that was the best but it’s possible we were supposed to get the full fat versions. Our bodies might have been overly shocked by the smaller amount of calories because most people the commented about the diet said they never felt hungry. We were starving all day every day. I also think the exercising might have hindered the progress as well. I lost more and only exercised one day. Cheryl exercised everyday and lost less than I did. Not sure if we will ever do this again. Maybe one day in the future try it with the full fat options and one of us will exercise everyday the other won’t and see the difference then.

Now that I am back to regular food though I have to stay conscious. I have been mindlessly eating for weeks now so the one thing the diet did is made me more aware. I would go home and say to myself ok this is what I can eat and that’s it I can’t grab a handful of chips or a cookie whenever.

Today at work we had bagels. Every year on your anniversary in my office you bring in bagels for everyone. I love when people warn me the day before so I can be prepared. This morning I went to the store and got my favorite bagel topping. Laughing Cow cream cheese wedges. I got the vegetable cream cheese this time which is only 1 point+ per serving.

Laughing Cow Vegetable Cream Cheese

I also have for lunch the last of the Lean Cuisine salad additions, Southwest. Yum! I can’t wait to try it!

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions Southwest

I will also be going to the gym at lunch today and running some intervals. 23 days until the Disney Princess Half!



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