Weekend Warrior

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend AND I was still able to relax.

Friday after work I finally got a haircut. I have been putting it off because I want to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My friend did it a few months ago and she recommended them because unlike other programs the wigs are free to people that need them. I had to give in and get a trim though because my split ends were out of control and I needed my side bangs redone. I only ever go to SuperCuts. People always say I should go to a salon but honestly they cut my hair fine and it’s cheap! We also got dinner from Veggie Heaven. I love that place.

Saturday I slept in. And I mean 11 in the afternoon slept in which I have not done in a very long time. I am still trying to kick this cold so I was hoping getting rest would help. Saturday was errand day! Went to JoAnn Fabrics (the big one on 17 in Paramus) and got fabric for our Disney Princess Half Marathon outfits. I am going to be Snow White and Cheryl is going to be Jasmine. We got the skirts from Team Sparkle again and the shirts from Sports Authority. I got red and blue sheer fabric to make sleeves and white fabric to make a collar. I am thinking pipe cleaners to keep it’s shape. And some sparkle red fabric for a cape :) Cheryl got turquoise sparkle fabric for sleeves as well as sheer fabric. She wants to cut the bottom of her tank top off and attach sheer fabric, but hasn’t decided if she will be adventurous enough to do it.

While we were there I decided I didn’t want to make these costumes sewing everything by hand. It’s tedious and hurts after a while. So we bought a sewing machine! The one we had got flooded in one of our many basement floods. I am excited because JoAnn gives 3 free classes to anyone who buys machines there to learn how to use their machine to the fullest extent! I will be going next friday (this friday I have a massage) and learning how to make a kick ass costume!

Saturday night was Tom’s Big 33 party! My coworkers husband turned 33 and she had an 80’s/90’s theme party at their apartment. After searching on google images for a half hour I realized that a majority of the 80’s and 90’s styles were back in (printed pants, leggings, neon) but after coming across this photo

Alex Mack

that I needed to channel my inner Alex Mack. Cheryl went a decade back and channeled her in 80’s child.


I must say the party was awesome. There was a tater tot bar with a bunch of dips, guacamole (I love me some avocado), an awesome playlist with songs I had to write down so I could download later and prizes! Cheryl and I got runner up and Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit By The Foot boxes. I honestly didn’t even know they still made them!

Sunday was cleaning day and bowling. Practice on Wednesday really helped me out. I got a 123 the first game but Cheryl beat me by 3 points making my score not part of the top 4 scores for our team. I hope the next game I can improve even more! Bowling (with 3 beer towers) was followed by our weekly jaunt to Harley’s for post bowling festivities. I have been trying to not drink too much, again to get rid of this evil cold. Cheryl showed off her flip cup prowess and even got an award through the bowling league for her flip cupping abilities! The ride home ended with my usual tantrum for fried pickles from Smashburger (which I got thankfully) and then bed.

All in all I must say a good productive weekend. This weekend coming up is our 28th birthday! The festivities will be from Friday to Sunday so it will be a little insane.


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