Arctic Freeze

This weather is not conducive for exercise. My goal was to wake up before work this morning and go to spin class. I checked the temperature when my alarm went off at 4:45 and it says it was 8 degrees out. 8 degrees! So i turned over and went back to sleep. I was proud of myself yesterday for going to the gym at lunch (FINALLY!) I also brought my gym clothes to go to the gym today. Not sure if I am going to. Yesterday when I started running on the treadmill my chest felt heavy and I had to stop or I would be coughing forever. My cold is ALMOST gone so I might hold off the gym today and go tomorrow instead. I keep making excuses but my health I guess is a good one.

I had the third of my Salad Additions today the asian chicken. So far the bistro is my favorite followed by the asian chicken. I need to find the southwest one to round out the collection. I always order southwest salads when I go out so I feel like that one will be my favorite.

Last night went to practice bowling. I did better than I have at the league games the past few weeks but still not great. Ray got 4 strikes in the final two frames!

I have decided I need a new project. I have been going through my “I want to make these” board on Pinterest,. I am thinking of this


I figure I can print all my Instagram photos from 2012 into squares and modge podge them onto a mirror frame. I think it will be cute :)


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