New Year, New Attitude

Ya posting two days in a row! I am hopefully going to keep this up, but who knows.

So I have yet to be to the gym in 2013. I know running a marathon two weeks ago counts as working out but I still need to work out. I have been sick since we got back from Florida. I am going to blame it on the traveling/weather change. I am actually starting to feel better today. I am going to attempt to go to the gym at lunch. I even brought my gym bag into work so my clothes wouldn’t be outside and freezing cold later when I go to change.

I have also been slacking in the diet department. Post runs I always like to “treat” myself but it is going on 10 days now and I need to get back into my normal routine. I just tried Lean Cuisine’s new Salad Additions.

Lean Cusine Bistro

Monday I had the bistro chicken and today the cranberry chicken. I loved the bistro but the cranberry I can do without. I think it might have been the dressing? I have to buy more lettuce so I can try the other one I have asian chicken.

I also just finished the design for a bridal shower in March. My mom’s coworker’s daughter asked me to do a shower invite for her last year. Since then she has referred me to a bunch of her friends who have also used me for their invites. I love working on things that aren’t work related. Makes me remember why I love designing so much.

Well off to the gym! If I say it hopefully I will do it.


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