So I have been working on a few different designs lately. I wasn’t sure if I would have any more wedding designs to work on after my cousins but work of mouth has gotten me some new weddings to work on :)

My mom’s boss’ daughter is getting married this Saturday. I did their Save the Date as well as a growing up slideshow, programs and I am also videotaping their wedding and making a wedding video. Really expanding my wedding work portfolio!

I also designed a few bridal shower invitations again. I did some new typography ones that I loved but the girl chose the more traditional one.


I also just got my first wedding invitation design! It is for a friend of some girls I went to college with. So glad she loved the design I did and now I am working on complementary pieces for the response card and reception card.

Another design I did recently has nothing to do with weddings but I like the way it came out. The radio station in New York has a t-shirt design contest for breast cancer awareness. They have this saying called Hello Lady and I submitted my favorite design.



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