Busy Busy

Wow the past few weeks have flown by!

In May my cousin Danny got married which I mentioned in my last post. I had a lot of fun helping them with the programs and stuff.

They were so happy the day of and are such an awesome couple! My sister and I were honored to be bridesmaids.

Weddings fly by so fast when you are in one. I work weddings all the time and they seem to drag on but this one was gone so fast I keep thinking back of things I wish I had done!

I also loved having my family here. Even if it was only a short visit it was great getting most of them together. We always have a blast!

This past week my family finally got to take my dad’s christmas present cruise! We have been on 2 cruises before to Bermuda and the Bahamas (I hated the Bahamas) but this was our first one in about 12 years! My dad doesn’t fly (because you can’t smoke smh) so we took the cruise out of NY. We had never been on Norwegian before but I definitely highly recommend it to ANYONE. The trip was amazing!

The whole “Freestyle Cruising” idea is brilliant. On past cruises we had a specific dinner time, the same waiter every night, and a few choices at the main restaurant. On Norwegian you can go to either of the two main restaurants whenever you want. Gratuity is built in ($12 per person per day) so the waiters aren’t jipped and you don’t have to tip at the end. Also there are 5 or 6 other specialty restaurants you can go to if you want (a small fee around $20). We did Hibachi one night and it was amazing!

I booked through a “personal cruise consultant.” His name was Vincent. He was such an asset. He helped us book, answered questions AND 3 days before we sailed let me know I could get upgraded to a mini suite (and it wound up being free!)

The staff was amazing and there were so many things to do it was hard to get bored. I was very relaxed most of the time and kept taking naps haha but that’s just me :)

The sea days were sunny and spent hanging around the pool with waterslides, drinking the day away.

In Bermuda we had so cloudy/rainy weather at times but that didn’t stop anyone on the ship. We explored King’s Wharf and Hamilton, went to Horseshoe Bay and went on a glass bottom boat tour and snorkeling.

It was such an amazing trip. I want to take another cruise soon (and have even been thinking how much fun it would be to work on a ship!)


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