When you wish upon a star…

“If you can dream it, you can do it.
Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse.”
-Walt Disney

I think that every person should visit Disney World at least once in their life. I always forget how much I love it there until I visit again. I have only been to Disney World 6 times, but each time it gets more magical. I went when I was very little and most I can’t remember (which is why pictures are so important). I also visited when I was in grade school twice which I do remember more.

In 2010 my family went to Florida for my cousin Steven’s wedding. While down there we visited my aunt in Port St. Lucie, my cousins in Hollywood (Florida) and then went to Orlando. Our trip was not going to be based around Disney, but I wanted to visit there at least one day since I hadn’t been since I was 13 or 14. We also were visiting Universal Studios another day for Harry Potter World.

That year my cousin Danny (he is like my brother) also went on vacation with his then girlfriend Jennifer to Disney. They came to the wedding and Universal as well, but had their own week down there in Disney. At first I was shocked that my cousin would go to Disney at all and then I also couldn’t believe they were spending a week there. At the time I thought Disney was mostly for kids and adults really couldn’t do that much there.

That September my cousin proposed to Jenn and she said yes :) I am so happy for them and can’t wait until she is added to our awesome family (I call her my cousin now and they aren’t even married yet haha). In February of last year Jennifer called me up all excited. She said she had found really great flight prices to Florida for this April and wanted to see if my sister and I (she had already asked us to be bridesmaids) would want to go to Disney for her bachelorette. I was hesitant at first because of all the bachelorette parties I have been to most would have been completely inappropriate for a place like Disney. She threw in that her mother would be using her Disney Vacation Club points to book us a room (free of charge) and then I realized there was no way I could say no!

Since then the past few months (more than a year) has been saving money and planning our Disney trip. Only my sister, myself, Jenn and her sister Mary (the Maid of Honor) could splurge and make the trip. We were staying for 4 days and 3 nights. The flight down was nice. We had a 7am flight there and a 7pm flight home to make the most of the trip.

Jenn had told me after we booked the flight that we would be staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I was ecstatic because I had never been to the Animal Kingdom park and I loved zebras. Not sure why I love them so much. I think they are beautiful animals and the pictures of the resort on the website had zebras all over the place. Once we got there, right outside on the balcony, I could see giraffes and zebras! It was amazing.

My favorite all-time Disney character is Tigger. Some people try to correlate my obsession with Tigger and zebras because of their fur patterns. Whatever the case may be I have always and will always love Tigger. I think it is because he always sees the best in things and doesn’t take life too seriously. I make it a point (even since I was little) to find Tigger every time I visit Disney. This time I found him (with Pooh, he is always with Pooh!) in Epcot in England. I made sure to take a picture with just the two of us <3

Another of my favorite characters are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. There are cardboard cutouts in front of one of the store in Downtown Disney that we take a picture with every time we are there. Jenn found us amazing shirts in Downtown Disney on the first day that we had to wear. They are perfect and meant for twins like Cheryl and I. Luckily in Magic Kingdom the day we wore them we found the White Rabbit AND Alice! It was fate.

In preparation for the trip my dad kept reminding us about how when we were little we loved the teacups. My parents went to Disney before we were born (or thought about) and my mother refused to ride the teacups with him. He loved that we loved the teacups. And in the Magic Kingdom we made sure we rode them.

I also love all the other rides and roller coasters. Most people get sick on roller coasters but I can’t get enough. I rode the Aerosmith ride for the first time. I also love the drop in the Tower of Terror. I made a collection of my face from all the rides that take a picture haha.

The entire trip was absolutely amazing! Even with the 4 days there we still had so much more we could have done. I now know why my cousin and Jenn went for a week! I love staying on property because the busses are so convenient. I also loved the weather there and sitting by the pool. The first day the hotel gave us all little tiaras that we wore the whole trip.

Our main goal that trip was Jenn’s bachelorette party and Disney style was amazing. I decided to make shirts for the occasion and I found an awesome place on Etsy that had rhinestone transfers in the Disney lettering. It was not as easy as the directions said it would be. A lot of stones didn’t stick and we used glue to put them on. Also a lot fell off in Disney (we did wear them for 2 nights) but they turned out great. We made Jenn a white shirt with pink rhinestones and we wore pink shirts with the silver rhinestones.

Drinking around the world at Epcot seemed to be the best idea for a bachelorette. Most countries have a kiosk outside with drinks and we decided even if we didn’t buy a drink in every country we were going to take a picture in every country. We had had lunch in Canada the day before and got beer flights so we counted that and didn’t drink in Canada the next day. We got our first drink (beers) in England. We followed that with a wine flight (2 that we split) in France. Next was Moracco (a Pina Colada type drink) and then Japan (sake!). Jenn and her sister are not big drinkers so at that point we decided to start getting one drink in each country to split to cut back on $$ and alcohol. USA we didn’t get a drink but we got another wine flight in Italy. We followed that up with beers and pretzels in Germany. We stopped to watch the Illuminations show and drink our beer only to discover that once the show was over the park was closed! We races through the other countries (Haiti, Africa, China, Norway and Mexico) to get pictures. We had had margaritas in Mexico the day before as well. All in all it was an amazing time. Not sure how people can actually drink a full drink in every country, but hopefully they give themselves more time than we did.

On the last day, a sad day since we had to leave, we made sure to get pictures with some of the princesses. Cinderella was a sport and posed with us cute.

This trip made me fall in love with Disney again. I would go back in a heartbeat and I am already looking into going when they open the new Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom later this year. In the words of Tigger “All the fun things that we do wouldn’t be as fun if it wasn’t for you”. TTFN!


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