Running for the Medal

So I just want to say I got so much amazing feedback from the last blog post. It was so awesome and I was glad I was able to share my story as well as my sisters :)

As you know I am an avid runner. I am not so much a fan of the treadmill (or dreadmill) but in the winter I usually have to go to the gym to run so I don’t slip on ice and hurt myself. I can’t wait for spring and summer to run outside!

When you run a competitive race (anything timed is competitive for me) you usually have to wear a race bib for people to know you are a part of the race and to distinguish runners. After being part of the New York Road Runners for 3 years now and running a lot of other marathon and half marathon races I have acquired a lot of race bibs. I hold onto mine. Most people don’t but I like to look through them and remember where I started and where I am today. I saw a few race bib holders at the last expo I went to and I have also seen a few online. I decided that instead of paying $30 for one I was going to make my own.

First I went to AC Moore and found a wood plaque on sale for $2! Solid wood and everything. I really lucked out on that because other places had the same thing for $10. I also bought green acrylic paint and (an idea from Laura) a paint pen. Then I went to Home Depot and got flat angle screws and a hanging hook.

First I painted the whole board green. I only painted one side because the other no one would see.

Then I used a drill and small bit to start the holes for the screw hooks. Then I screwed them in evenly.

I decided to use a template because even though I can design on a computer my freehand drawing is awful. I printed out the words Race Bibs and used a straight edge blade to cut out the words. Then I taped them to the top of the board in place as an outline.

After that I used the paint pen to draw in the words. When I was done I didn’t like that there was no definition to the letters. I was going to get another color paint pen (gold maybe) but got lazy and just used a sharpee. I traced the letters to give it more definition then added all my race numbers and hung it on the wall.

It’s not as pretty as I would like but it works and I made it myself. Even though I used a stencil to make the words kept trying to get lines straighter and wound up making the letters more bubbly looking.

I am still proud of it and now it hangs near my medal holder that my aunt got me for Christmas. I also love collecting and displaying all my medals :) and as you can see I have a lot of race bibs I needed to put somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Running for the Medal

  1. Love this idea Jessi! I just finished my first half marathon in disney and looking to do more races maybe when I have more bibs I might try to make one of my own :) Congrats on all of your races!!


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