Baby On Board

I love planning events by theme. Everything just fits together and looks so great in the end.

My sister’s boss is pregnant and having a boy. She wanted to throw her a surprise baby shower in the office and asked me to help.
Here is her invitation I made.

Her boss’ theme was jungle animals (we decided since all the registry stuff was jungle). We knew she didn’t want a lot of gifts. They are in an apartment and in the process of moving. So my sister decided to take up a collection at work for a gift card and her gift was going to be a jungle theme diaper tower (my idea).

We decided that we needed jungle theme and baby shower theme food. We found these adorable chocolate cookie molds at Michael’s. I bought blue and yellow chocolate for the inner mold and white and dark chocolate for the casing. My first attempt was quite messy, but then I realized I had to first fill the mold with the blue and yellow chocolate and then let it sit in the fridge to harden. After it was hard I could add the dark or white chocolate and then press in the cookie.

Then you let the mold sit in the fridge until hardened and the cookies pop right out! I used Oreos and they were delicious.

We also wanted to make some jungle theme food. My sister found this post on Betty Crocker for inspiration, but we changed it around a little.

First you make 24 cupcakes by the box. We used regular yellow cake mix.

After the cupcakes are done and completely cool you can start decorating. We started with the monkeys. First we used chocolate icing to cover the top of the cupcake. We then used Nilla Wafers for the muzzle and another cut in half for the ears. Then we used mini M&M candies for the eyes and edible writing gel for the nose and mouth.

Next came the lions and tigers. We used white icing and red and yellow food coloring to get an orange icing color. Then we iced the cupcakes. We also used Nilla Wafers for the muzzle of both the lion and tiger. For the lion we used caramel popcorn for the mane, mini M&M’s for the eyes pretzel sticks cut in half for the whiskers and edible writing gel for the mouth. For the tiger we used mini M&M’s for the eyes, orange candy slices cut in half for the ears and edible writing gel for the mouth and whiskers.

So we had all our jungle animals.

For a drink my sister found this recipe for Ducky Bubble Bath Punch. The duckies we used didn’t want to float and we needed more blue Kool-Aid because the color was too green but it was delicious none the less.

And last but not least came the diaper tower. I had been looking online about how to make them and it seemed pretty simple, but definitely not something you can make by yourself. Wrapping the diapers into the circle shape took a lot of patience but we got it done and wrapped in blue boy ribbon. My sister got some organic and healthy baby products by BabyGanics for around the bottom of the tower. We used an old paper towel roll and green construction paper to make the tree at the top. Add the monkey and voila!


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