Love Your Work

Deciding to spread some love this Valentine’s Day from my FAVORITE Doctor ;)

I also have some AMAZING coworkers! A few weeks ago when I got back from my vacation after my birthday I see my cube was all decked out for my birthday. I loved that they made a curtain. I had it up for a whole week, but took it down because I wasn;t sure how long until people started making comments (jealous people haha).

I also got my desk decked out for Valentine’s Day this morning. Nothing like starting the day with a smile!

Here are my awesome coworkers and some friends.

I also forgot to post about a housewarming gift I gave my coworker. I made her a Blackout Emergency Kit. I got a big bottle of Hennepin and attached a deck of cards, a flashlight (with batteries) a candle and a lighter. Now if she ever looses power she won’t be bored (or sober).

Got to love being around crafty people that make you want to go to work and enjoy your job ;)


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