The Ice Keeps The Beer Cold

This blog is all about learning new things this year. Although what I did for my birthday isn’t along the lines of baking or sewing it was definitely something new!

Every year my sister (twin) and I go away for our birthday. We started it when we turned 24. This year was our 27th birthday and we decided to visit our family in Wisconsin and go ice fishing. Yes, that’s right, I said ice fishing. While most people would find the idea of sitting in a shack on a frozen lake trying to catch fish for hours boring, I found the whole idea interesting.

My uncle is a big fisher and has told us for years we should come out and go ice fishing. Every year we say sure maybe and every year we don’t. Well this year we finally made the trip on January 31st. Now mind you Wisconsin should be extremely cold in February, but luckily they are having a warm winter like we are here in NJ and there was barely any snow and the temperature was in the 40’s. Originally we didn’t even know if there would be ice, but we called our guide and he said no worries so out to Green Bay we went (actually Dyckesville).

We went out early in the morning (7am) and got to our shack. Kelly our guide showed us how to set the rods and how to “jig” to catch fish. So then we were off. Well sat really. My cousin Chris was the first to catch a fish ($1 to the winner) and we all went back and forth catching fish throughout the day. We caught 20 fish the first day and the second day my other cousin came and we caught 10 (we also spent less time on the lake).

It was an amazing experience that I would never take back for anything!


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