Design Time

Wanted to showcase some past design work I have done! Looking back at past events I really wish I had taken more pictures of the stuff I designed but now I know going forward.

First is my friend Marissa. I helped design for her bridal shower and also for her wedding. The shower I designed the invitations and recipe cards that went with them. I also did the design on the stickers we put on the favors. For her wedding I designed their logo which was on their program and the card box I made them (no pictures of it!). I also designed a personalized guestbook for people to sign when they went in. I had so much fun helping her. Made me almost switch my career field to weddings (still might happen).

I also have done some stuff for my friends, family and freelance. I design a bunch of invitations (usually look for design inspiration online but I had make everything myself after the fact). I only have one more wedding I am in coming up in May. The bride’s mom won’t let us help with the shower which makes me sad but oh well. I want to help with stuff for the reception (I did their Save the Date cards) but we will see.

I need to start converting my images to RGB they come out so bright from CMYK when they are uploaded!


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