Getting Ready

So I used to write in this blog just about everyday life. I did it for about 3 weeks then completely abandoned it for almost a year.

Now I am back. I have recently discovered Pinterest and I must say I am obsessed. There are so many things that I find that I want to learn how to do! Well in a few short weeks it will be 2012 and I decided that it’s time that I learn something new. I am going to try and learn something new everyday. That might not pan out as well as I want with my busy life, but I am definitely going to try.

The next few weeks are going to be very hectic. Between Christmas, New Year’s and my friend’s wedding (on New Year’s Eve!) I am going to start collecting things I want to learn and probably making some stuff as well. I have recently made a few cake pop attempts, but I want to master that art. I also bought a brand new Nikon D5100 so taking photos of my projects along the way will also help improve my photography skills.

I forsee 2012 being a great year….


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